Best Electrohome Wellington Nostalgia Turntable Recording Review

    • Really nice piece

    I received this packaged very well, easy to have up and going in 20 seconds and it works well. Radio reception is tricky, but I attritube that to living in the country rather than the radio…to fix this we attached an extra length of antenae cord to the one provided and ran it through the window. Nice compact size and good sound. Really easy to use. One downfall is…

    • Very solid record player for the price

    I am likely not the audiophile that others may be, but I think the quality of sound is very good, particularly at this price point. The appearance is top-notch, and the instructions were very clear. Very satisfied with my purchase.

    • Great value.

    It is a very nice stereo. Sound is good. Looks great and just wish I would have got the one with a cassette player. I love it!

    • Everything it said it would be

    We are really enjoying listening to our records and everything in between. Have not used the recorder yet but looking forward doing so in the near future.

    • Very pleased with Stereo System

    The Electrohome Wellington nostalgia turntable stereo and record player arrived promptly and well packaged. We are very pleased with the appearance and sound quality. I would recommend this product to others.

    • Delightful–retro look with USB and recording technology!

    I’m a musician with a piano and brass studio, and an extensive collection of vinyl, cds, and mp3s. I find the Electrohome Wellington 4-1 player/recorder to be completely delightful! The wooden case is a beautiful addition to my studio, and the retro styling makes it a conversation piece among my students and visitors. Being able to record vinyl records and cds onto a portable USB flash drive is amazingly convenient. One of my favorite activities using this quality-made product is to play my large collection of old-time radio mysteries on the USB player: Instant nostalgia in the programs and in the retro-styling of the Wellington!I recommend this beautiful, functional radio/player to everyone who enjoys music.

    • Love my new Recorder!

    I received this packaged very good! It works well. Radio tuning is kind of tricky, but not an issue. Nice compact size and excellent sound.

    • Loads of caveats emptor

    I’m an easy sell on this. I looked at all the vintage products of this sort available through Amazon and chose this one partly because of the way it looks, partly because of the fact that it’s wood (loved the look of the Crosley console, but it’s fiberboard), partly because of the generally favorable reviews (much better than most), partly because of the USB socket. HOWEVER, let’s get real. This is a $140-dollar item. One hundred and forty dollars. For a radio, turntable, CD player, USB electronics. My old turntable alone cost more than that. So of course the turntable is junk, not much different from what you’d buy for a child at Toys-R-Us. And the CD player? What can be its life expectancy?But that’s not why I bought it. If I wanted a high-quality high-fidelity turntable/CD player/tuner combo with lease-breaker speakers, I sure wouldn’t be buying this. Instead I bought it, first, because of the way it looks, second, because it’s wood (you can’t get anything approaching a full sound out of fiberboard), and, third, because of the USB socket. Sitting next to my 1940s radio in my 1940s house, listening to 1940s music and 1940s radio shows, I’m a happy camper. And if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll be delighted with this (I probably wouldn’t use the CD player anyway even if it were to last longer than I because I’d rather rip CDs to my thumb drive and use that instead, like we used to do when we made compilation cassettes).So as long as it turns on and the USB electronics work, I’m happy.As for scratching the furniture, it has soft feet on the bottom. As for packaging and delivery, the unit was tightly boxed both in its display carton and within the shipping carton, and the UPS man carried it to my door as if it were a newborn baby.Even if this blows up, I will most likely rip out the innards and put in a wireless tablet with mini-speakers. I’m not even sure if I’ll return it if all of this takes place within 30 days.

    • Electrohome Wellington 4 in 1 Nostalgia Turntable

    Beautiful piece of furniture, Arrived in good time and in good condition. Just a shame there is no real visable warning about the power conversion adaptor required to use it – plugged in to my power adaptor which i thought would be ok as i have used it for similar things before – fizzle pop!! The end! :(

    • EANOS502 wonderful product

    I had some troubles with the Europe 220 AC standard and my adapter, I broke the product but it has been easily repaired by a local electrician (which was impressed about the quality of the product).The Customer care has been really friendly and fast in giving all the possible support for my initial problem, now my dad is actually enjoying it so I am happy about this purchase. I think is the best product actually available in the market in his genre.Fabio

    • Nostalgia turntable

    Excelente adquisición. Estoy feliz escuchando mis LPs y los programas de radio que adoro. Tener 4 tecnologías en una hermosa cajita es fascinante. Gracias!


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